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Hungary has taken over the presidency of the European Union

January 10, 2011

The Hungarian Presidency wishes to work along four priorities during the first half of   2011  Their four key priorities include:

1. Growth and employment for preserving the European model

The changes in Europe due to the economic crisis over the past year have presented great challenges to the sustainability of the Union’s current economic model.This priority seeks to emphasize and promote growth to maintain/improve the situation.

2. Stronger Europe

Securing access to food, energy, and water is a fundamental concern of the Hungarian Presidency.

3. Citizen friendly Union

Reaffirming the cultural diversity and focusing on issues which affect the daily lives of  European citizens is a critical aim that Hungary seeks to highlight during its tenure.

4. Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy

Hungary is supporting the introduction of Croatia into the EU and looking at the various ways to improve relations with nearby Eastern European states.

During this period a total of 250 events will be held, including one accentuated event, the Oriental Partnership meeting, 18 ministerial informal meetings, 10 ministerial conferences, 60-70 high-ranking events and meetings of experts.

Calendar of the Hungarian Presidency:

More updated information about the Presidency can be seen at the portal:

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