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Two days of FP7, financial rules and much more…

February 28, 2011

Can the salary for a PhD student be charged to the project???

Would the costs of a conference be Other costs or RTD costs????

If the project manager goes on maternity leave, can we still charge her salary to the project???

We are looking for a new employee for the project, can the costs to find a suitable candidate be charged to the project????

The rules are there, the guides are explanatory but the questions are still many… How to manage the project? In theory it seems easy, but as always the reality is a bit more complex, and solutions to unexpected situations must be found. Fast.

The Parliament building – a nice view from the conference room

2 days of FP7…

How interesting it is to discuss every day hassle with people who are doing the same work. Last week 27 managers, from all over Europe and even from Africa, came to Budapest to learn more about the rules and to share experience on cost allocation, how to handle the partners, intellectual property issues and many other things related to FP7 project management. Some people with  experience back from FP5 and others quite new to all this, doesn’t matter there is always something new to learn.. especially as with time, the rules are being clarified by the EC and new interpretations are published. Have you seen there is a new Annex II??

but not only…

But life is not only about FP7, even if it could seem like that at daytime with lectures, workshops and consultations on all kind of issues. In the evening it was time to enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest, to learn a bit about the history at the guided tour, discovering some Hungarian wines and of course to make new friends.

I wonder how many  project ideas were born at the castle hill in the House of Hungarian wines last Thursday? Me, I have two new ones to think of… 🙂

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