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Junior Project Management

April 22, 2011

For me, the greatest thing with the trainings must be meeting with all people. I enjoy very much the lunches, coffee breaks and common dinners. Last week’s course was no exception; 27 managers and scientists from all over Europe came together to learn all about FP7, proposal development and project management during 3 intensive days.

It was also time for the first boat trip of the year….

Instead of going for wine tasting (as during wintertime) in the evening, we enjoyed the beautiful view from the Danube together with great food and wine during a 2 hour tour. The only one I feel a bit sorry for would be the guide, people simply seemed to enjoy the company of their table mates too much so there was not much attention to the historical facts and small stories about Budapest and Hungary…but that’s a minor problem, right?

The second night was as nice as the first one, but on land instead of water and palinka instead of wine…

But the trainings are not only of course about networking, most time was spent on funding schemes, and reimbursement rates, PIC codes, FORM Cs and other FP7 particularities. But with nice people, that’s also fun, and isn’t it great to have fun at work? 🙂


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