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First training of focal points in India

April 26, 2011

Did you know that there are National Contact Points in third countries outside Europe? These are working like the European ones to promote the Seventh Framework Programme and assist the involvement in projects.

Organisations in third countries who wish to participate in projects funded by the FP7 are facing the same problems as European organisations, but there may also be additional ones due to the cultural and political context or internal rules in the organisation. There might be obstacles we are not thinking of being in Europe. This is one good reason to have trained people based in the country. In India there are so far few official National Contact Points, and the process of appointing more is rather slow for different reasons. With the EUINEC and in cooperation with the New INDIGO project, we decided to find a practical solution to provide assistance on a longer term; the establishement of focal points. The focal points, are people who already has experience in FP7 and European cooperation and the idea is to train them so that they can assist their fellow colleauges to take part in projects. The idea is to develop an informal network of support people;a training of trainers approach.

The first training will take place in only few weeks at CDAC’spremises in Trivandrum, India. Lots or preparation is ongoing, from finalising invitations and practical arrangements, to developing training material and exercises and programming a common space for exchanging documents. We have been planning it for long and finally it is almost time, I’m looking forward very much!


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