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Info Day India – Funding opportunities

May 3, 2011

 All European projects are of course funded for a reason, with an overall aim to contribute to the implementation of the European policies. But sometimes, it is easy to forget this dealing with all small details implementing the activities as written in the Description of Work (DoW). There are also other projects aiming at the same objectives, and some double work and even confusion for the stakeholders can be created.

Sometimes, we just need to stop, evaluate our activities and see if they make sense. It is written in the DoW; but is it useful and is this the best way of spending resources?

For the Indian support projects, we have found a very good working method to complement each others’ activities instead of overlapping. Together we have already implemented events and activities together; maybe the common portal ( is the most long lasting result.

All the projects are still implementing their activities as in the DoW, but this way it feels like its having a bigger impact.

Next week, we will also strengthen the cooperation with the INCONTACT project, which is the support activity for the INCO NCP network. Four different projects (EUINEC, New INDIGO, INDIA GATE and INCONTACT) will together implement an Info day at the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology NIIST in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

All this preparation; from the initial planning, to making the detailed agenda, exchanging ideas between people and projects, establishing cooperation with a suitable research organization in India to host the event; all these tiny (time consuming) details, next week we will see the results. And if that can lead to meaningful cooperation between India and Europe, then it all make sense and worth all the efforts.

Once back home again, I want to share the experiences; but for now you can read more about the info day here.

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