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The beauty of differences

May 3, 2011

The beauty of differences…or the reality of working in an European funded project

One of the most interesting things working in European/International projects must be the mix of people involved. I’m not only speaking about people from different countries even if cultural backgrounds sometimes indeed can provide for funny situations…

So in addition to the cultural backgrounds which might have implications, there is also this amazing mix of technical people working together with administrative people, business oriented people with policy makers practical people and not so practical people, angry and stressed out people with relaxed and peaceful people. The working style, the way of communication, the time planning etc, it makes all the difference; and the question is: does cooperation with these people makes your day a better day at the office or not? Well if it does or not, we all have to find a way to work together, to understand each other, and to communicate in a logical way for the other.

Something I learnt, what seems logical to you before entering into an European funded project may not be the same clear after having received input from 25 partners on the same and one topic…Or it can easily happen that you have an idea in mind,- so clear and nice-, but when implemented by someone else turns out to be something totally different, sometimes better sometimes worst. Some days you can appreciate nice surprises, some days the unexpected results drives you crazy and some days you can see it from the humoristic side but for sure  we can all learn something from working together!


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