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The evaluator’s perspective

May 6, 2011

Where do we submit our proposals? For FP7, to the EPSS of course but what happens after submission? There are experts, real people reading and giving their feedback. You can also be one of these!

You only have to submit your profile, and you might be called!  But even waiting for becoming an evaluator, you can learn to think like one.. The Commission takes their decision based on the feedback of the evaluators, so it is actually crucial to understand the perspective of these people.

This is why, at our proposal development trainings, we have an exercise, a role-game about evaluation. The participants are evaluating proposals in a limited time, and have to give feedback to each other – simulating how the evaluation actually takes place in real life. I really like this exercise;  some people are sceptical before doing it, but afterwards they can really see the meaning of the exercise.  And it’s not only useful, it is kind of fun as well;  to read, to understand, to judge, to give feedback and discuss and compare with others to find a consensus. And learning should be fun, right? 🙂

At the training in Istanbul in September focusing on Turkey, there will be the same exercise covering IPA, FP7 and CIP. One cool thing with this training is that that ALL the trainers are evaluators for these programmes. The agenda is already online!


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