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Can we count on You?

May 10, 2011

We have developed a questionnaire in order to get to know better the needs of European researchers and SMEs regarding the knowledge and skills related to EU funds.

The environment of EU funds is changing as the financial programming period comes to its final years. The programmes of the period are already known by a lot of people and we have gained a lot of experience in developing and managing projects as well that we have shared.

From now on we would like to focus our efforts to specific issues and programmes where researchers and entrepreneurs need support.

Please help us in our work and let us know what is that you are missing.

The questionnaire consists of five sections and by answering the questions you can contribute to developing better tools and services, providing them in areas where there is still a lack of information.

The first section refers to your general interest and knowledge about EU funds.

Experts and beginners need different kind of information in different topics and level of details. We will try to tailor our information platforms and guidelines to the different needs.

The section two highlights the areas where you personally or your organisation would request information, knowledge, skills development in the world of project development and management. The answers will help us to develop smaller specialised training courses or information packages on-line.

The third section “When and how” gives you the opportunity to give us your preferences in receiving information and/or training whether for free or price-based. The answers given in the last section will tell us how much do you know about our services offered and how useful do you find them. Whether developing guidelines and handbooks or information platforms, blogs or training courses, we always try to tailor the services as much as possible to meet all demands.

Of course we appreciate your time and your feedback, in gratitude we give you a voucher; and a handbook on EU funds if you are among the first 100 to submit it. In addition we have announced a lottery price as well.

Have look ! Thank you!

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