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Why May doesn’t have more days?

May 11, 2011

Why May doesn’t have more days?

Every year I wish May would have some more days; not only for the nice weather, the longer days and promising air of summer arriving. But also to manage all things to do at work, conferences to attend and documents to finish before summer.

There are conferences, workshops, there is reporting and wrapping up the first half of the year. This year, there are also all the preparations for the Mid-term evaluation of FP7 conference in Budapest in June. Maybe to avoid delaying August and the summer break, a solution could be to take days from the grey and cold February and add them to the month of May. But with all administrative mess that move would create, a more feasible solution could be to do more work in February in order to be better prepared when May arrives. That would help me not only to manage to finish all the work without too much overtime, but also allow enjoying the nice outdoor bars in Budapest, the warm evenings, and the good spring mood of the people. Do you think I’ll remember?


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