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FP7, networking and fun time = Summer Academy 2011 :)

July 12, 2011

Last week it was time for the annual Summer Academy at the Balaton. We spent an intense  week  together  –  full of FP7 from proposal development to the audit and of course also many nice dinners, boat trip on the lake and wine tasting.

Questions and discussions at any time..
5 days to cover all possible aspects of funding opportunities, proposal development and management. How to find reliable partners and how to manage the different electronic systems for reporting, submission and negotiation and much more. And there was time for questions not only day time, I think one added value with the week long course is probably the confidence developed between the trainers and participants, some questions may appear only after dinner time or when walking along the lake to enjoy the beautiful view..:)

…but of course also some free time

As usual there was also time for enjoying the lake and what it offers. Some people also rented bikes one afternoon and went to Tihany which is a beautiful place. On the picture above,  we can see it from the boat

Living statues along the walking path somehow add to the holiday feeling

Even if it may sound differently above, lots of time was also spent on financial rules, reporting and other tricky issues in FP7

And of course I felt happy when the participants thanked us for a very useful week allowing to learn a lot with the feeling of being on holidays. This is how I want people to feel at our Academies. For last week, I have no doubts that we all enjoyed very much both the training and the side events. Below is the view from the dinner and wine tasting, not bad especially as the food and wine were great!

Healthy water

The hotel is very beautiful and just next to it there is a source with healthy water that will make us younger. Actually, people come there from all over Hungary to drink the water. And for us, dealing with EU funding, it is probably quite useful to fight the gray hair that project management may cause 🙂

And if you missed this time, you are welcome to the Autumn Academy – I promise the same but in Budapest and all fun the city can offer


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  1. July 12, 2011 8:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing the time with us. I found some new friends and some answers regarding my questions. Great work! Well done!

  2. Bodil permalink
    July 14, 2011 9:18 am

    Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed your stay and if you would have additional questions, you know you are welcome to write us anytime! Thank you very much for sharing the nice photos and video with us!

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