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EU prize for women innovators

July 29, 2011

Are you researcher? Founder or co-founder of a company? Receiving EU funding from the Research Framework Programme or from the CIP?
Get the acknowledgement what you deserve…!

But this time only for women!

The European Commission is launching a contest to reward three women innovators who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

The prize aims to raise public awareness on the need for more innovation and more women entrepreneurs.
In total, three prizes will be awarded.
First prize: € 100.000
Second prize: €50.000
Third prize: € 25.000

You can apply if you are:

  • a woman residing in an EU Member State or in a country associated to the EU’s Framework Programme for Research.
  •  Founder or co-founder of an existing and active company. (the company must have been registered before 1 January 2009, and the annual turnover must have been at least €100.000 in 2010)
  • You/ the company must have received or receiving EU funding from the EU’s Research Framework Programme or from the CIP.
  • Involved in the research and innovation activities connected to the origin of the product or service provided by the company you have founded or co-founded.

You can submit your application electronically starting from 20 July 2011 at

 For more details and exact rules visit here!

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