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Out of office

August 3, 2011

 You never get back a reply to so many email so fast as in August. You send something and bling the reply is there – out of office.
August in Europe is a month out of office…

These weeks I was thinking that the out of office reply somehow reflect how tired the person was before going for the well deserved holidays.


There are different levels :  Some people simply write „I’m out of office with no access to my emails until a specific date”
You have the feeling they wanted to write with NO ACEESS in capital letters 🙂

Some people add as well „I”ll reply upon my return”.
This gives hope that you  one day will recieve an answer to the mail which had URGENT in the subject line

Some people allow themselves some more time for replying with writing, „during this time I’ll have limited access to my emails.”
With this you can hope to get an answer earlier, but if you don’t,  you get the feeling that your things, what you thought was very important was not priority for the person you sent it to

Some people stays connected during holiday, maybe they get a little pling everytime a workmail arrives to their smart phones anytime anywhere.
The advantage for these people is that they don’t have to spend a week sorting out all emails and maybe they feel more relaxed knowing what is happening at work. I just hope they also get a well deserved rest!

 What ever approach, I hope all of us will come back inspired for the new tasks and the open calls after a peaceful month of August.

 Me, I’m already back, full of ideas and energy after some relaxing days. And the good thing with early holidays is that other people’s „out of office” silence still gives some time to finish tasks which were waiting for attention behind every day urgent tasks…

 Enjoy your holidays and see you soon!


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  1. August 3, 2011 3:26 pm

    Useful tips and practical advices for travellers in the EU! Have a look!

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