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Nomination for the 10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World for 2011

September 9, 2011

The TOYP program of Junior Chamber International serves to recognize up to ten individuals between the ages of 18 and 39 who exemplify the best attributes of the world’s young people.

CI will honor The Outstanding Young Persons of the World of 2011 at an Awards Ceremony the week of October 31-November 5, 2012 during the 67th JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

The ceremony will highlight each winner’s career in narrative form and provide a stage from which the honorees can challenge and inspire young people from around the world.  For each honoree, there will be a video presentation profiling his/her accomplishments, followed by the trophy presentation, and an acceptance speech.

Nominations are received in each of the seven categories listed below. Up to seven honorees will be selected from all nominations received, regardless of category entered.


1. Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial accomplishment

2. Political, Legal, Governmental Affairs and/or Human Rights

3. Personal improvement and/or Academic accomplishment

4. Cultural and Artistic achievement

5. Contribution to Children’s welfare, World Peace, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary missions,  Moral and/or environmental leadership

6. Medical innovation, Scientific and/or Technological development

7. Contribution to the European Year of Volunteerism

For more information, rules and regulation visit here.

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  1. January 30, 2012 5:39 am

    respected sir
    kindly send me the nominaion form for outstanding young person of the world from Junior Chamber International.

    in 2011 i have won the title outstanding young person of India.

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