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Changes in reporting on the Participant Portal

May 18, 2012

Please note a change in the financial reporting rules. From next week the justification of costs will be submitted in the financial reporting section and not the technical one.

Information received from the EC officers:
“Up to now the “Explanation of the use of the resources” had to be provided in the scientific part of the project report via the Participant Portal. From 21st May 2012 this section will become part of the financial reporting function.
This technical modification will provide consistency between the Forms C and the figures introduced in the explanation on the use of resources. The change does not imply any changes to the rules and requirements for reporting. The change is purely a technical modification.
For new reports the use of the new function in the financial reporting function will become mandatory.
During a transitional period those users who already started to draft their reports in the scientific reporting function, the explanation on the use of resources can either be completed in this tool or can be transferred to the financial reporting function.”

The explanation on the use of resources are the justifications of personnel costs, subcontracting and any major costs incurred by each beneficiary, such as the purchase of important equipment, travel costs, large consumable items linked to work packages. More information can be found in the FAQ section on the Participant Portal.

We like this change and hopefully after inserting a new row it will not automatically jump to the top of the page. 🙂

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