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Real-life case studies of EC Audits in FP7 – what could go wrong?Part 2: Problems with the time-sheets A blog series by Gabor Kitley

June 27, 2012

We have received much feedback on last week’s blog post about the personnel costs problem of an audited university. As I promised then, we will continue our FP7 Audits blog series with another example from our real-life case-studies.

In this case, the Beneficiary audited was another university, involved in many research projects simultaneously. Since we had a common FP7 project, in which both us and the university was involved as beneficiaries, they knew our activities quite well. So, they contacted us “unofficially” when they received the informal audit letter from the EC. They said no assistance is needed from our side, so we just had a 30-minute phone meeting on what they could expect and how to get prepared.

Right after their on-the-spot audit, I got another phone call from this university; this time they were really in panic. After calming them down, I told them that we should meet as soon as possible at their premises to sort out what could have absolutely gone wrong:   The auditor classified all their personnel costs ineligible in all of their projects.

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