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10 ways you can use social media in your Horizon 2020 project

October 12, 2016
1. Engage your stakeholders in a live dialogue during a conference

Tip: if you reply to a user and want the tweet to be visible to everyone (and not just to that user’s followers) write something (such as a period) before the user’s name!

2. Pin a tweet to maintain it on top of the page even as you continue tweeting in the next days

Tip: to keep the 140 characters, shorten your link using services like,, etc.

3. Tag other users on pictures: they will receive a notification and will want to check you out!

 4. Share your newly published deliverables

5. Use hashtags to attract users interested in specific fields or topics, and create your own to better follow conversations

6. Create lists to group the users you follow according to their expertise

7. Tease the conference attendants on the speakers they’ll be able to meet

8. Include hashtags in your account description, so interested users can find you more easily

9. Always be as visual as possible

10. Keep an eye on and see with your eyes the impact you’re making!


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