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Startup Safary Budapest 2017

April 24, 2017

For two days, Budapest turned into a start-up jamboree by having start-ups, tech companies, VCs, accelerators and incubators from the Magyar capital hosting breakfasts, office tours, workshops, hackathlons, meetups, trainings and professional lectures around the city.

Having a good taste of the start-up ecosystem, attendees had a chance to meet the teams, founders and investors, and to participate in many of the program sessions in the areas of Design, Coding, Mobile Development, Education, Fintech, Data, Lifestyle, Office and HR, IT Security and Developments, IoT and Hardware, Growth Hacking, Ecosystem Collaborators and presented the Budapest Heroes.

The safari of start-ups was set for the +3,000 participants to personalize their own schedule and to travel around the capital visiting several offices according to the venue of the +200 sessions.

Europa Media attended the Safary both days on one hand, to promote START2ACT – our project focusing on helping young SMEs and start-ups to save energy by easy behaviour change measures; and on the other, representing MY-WAY,  the project we coordinate focused on enhancing and improving the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives.

Budapest Safary speakers included CTOs, Co-Founders, Engineers and other team members of famous organizations such as Prezi, TransferWise, Skyscanner, Uber; and also from local start-ups such as Shinrai, Liligo, BudAffect among many others.

The second edition of the Budapest Safary was successfully closed with the networking party Startup Safary After x Techfroccs, where the attendees and the Budapest tech community got together to celebrate entrepreneurship.

We will be waiting for the third edition in 2018!

by: Mariana Mata Lara

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